Our Vineyards

vineyard1Our winemakers have found that on varietal wines a blend of clones adds complexity and is generally preferable. For this reason we offer a range of what we consider the world’s most outstanding certified clones for each of our many grape varieties. Our certified clones come from France, Italy and Spain, Austria, Germany, and Chile.

Quail Run differentiates itself from all other vineyards by the variety of sites we have planted. Our 11 vineyards, stretching from Talent to Jacksonville, offer diverse climates, soils and aspects, and range from 1500 to 2100 feet elevation. Through decades of experimentation we have achieved an ideal matching of varieties and terroir. This highly customized approach to viticulture is more complicated and expensive than diverse, single-site plantings, but there is no comparison in quality. Our knowledge base continues to evolve as we introduce new clones and varieties to our customers.

vineyard2Our viticulture team prides itself on the close working relationship we have with many of the state’s top winemakers. We believe in total transparency and encourage frequent visits throughout the growing season to discuss crop goals, irrigation practices, canopy management, and anything that might improve the quality of our fruit. We find that the winemaker’s ongoing involvement adds a level of fulfillment to their work, and over time leads to highly tailored viticulture practices that improve and differentiate their wines.

We are LIVE certified and collaborate closely with universities and our agricultural extension agents on multiple experiments to improve grape quality, reduce chemical inputs, and improve soils and pest management practices. We currently grow 29 varieties of wine grapes commercially, and have dozens of varietal test plantings at sites throughout our vineyards. We continue to expand production and selection to meet the growing demand for our fruit.

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